Here Lie Monsters

About Here Lie Monsters

Here Lie Monsters is a predominately anthropomorphic social MUCK residing at, port 9999. You can also connect from your browser with our Java telnet client, powered by Cup-O MUD.

Here Lie Monsters is small and quiet. An excellent complement of globals and building tools are in place -- all your favorite programs should already be here. The Monsters have opened the doors for builders who wish to create new spaces. The Monsters believe that organization is key, and that giving users the tools to protect and police themselves is always preferable to wizards intervening in social affairs.

Your Privacy

Privacy is important on Here Lie Monsters. Users may remain completely anonymous if they please -- The Monsters do not require your real name or an email address. Users with an SSL-capable MUCK client may use port 7777 for an encrypted connection, even further protecting privacy. Clients that support SSL include Trebuchet (a Tcl/Tk client for most platforms), BeipMU (Windows), and TinyFugue 5.

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